Trevor Noah at White Oak Amphitheatre

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White Oak Amphitheatre | Greensboro, North Carolina

If there’s one thing that will always make you feel a million times better, it’s comedy. Something about letting joy burst out of you in the form of a giggle or a chuckle just washes away any problem in the world. If your upset about anything, you absolutely have to try comedy first and find some way to make yourself laugh, and stand-up comedy should always be your go-to choice!

Trevor Noah at White Oak Amphitheater

When was the last time you and your partner went out to enjoy some live comedy? No matter what your answer was, it definitely was much too long since the last time and you should get out tonight and enjoy some live stand up at the illustrious White Oak Amphitheater in Greensboro! It might not be the most romantic of evenings, but it's something different and you can even team the comedy up with some food and beers giving you a pretty sensational combination for a great night!

Trevor Noah at White Oak Amphitheater

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